The complete roadmap to write, publish and launch your first bestselling children's book.

What's Included

10 weeks of recorded teaching that strengthen your grasp of the three pillars of a successful children’s book: Writing, Publishing, and Marketing.

Each teaching will walk you through one of the steps towards becoming a published author.

Each Module provides resources you can use to plan your own book and launch it.

This is a self-study course. You are able to work through these modules at your own pace.

Miriam Laundry

An award-winning, bestselling author who started with a simple mission to empower children, Miriam is the founder and CEO of Miriam Laundry Publishing. She organized an international event that set a Guinness World Record™ and empowered over 100,000 children. After writing five books, Miriam now focuses her efforts on coaching new authors about how to publish and launch their own books.
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